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INETA Europe Speakers Bureau  
The INETA Europe Speaker Bureau provides usergroup leaders top notch speakers for their key events. The speakers are provided at no cost to the usergroup.
To request a speaker for your usergroup meeting login as usergroup leader and select Request Speaker on top of the list. Alternatively, if you have a query post a request on the Support Forum.
Note: These options are only viewable by usergroup leaders
Speaker Bureau  
Ingo Rammer

Ingo is co-founder and CEO of Sycom Software, an Austrian software consulting company. His books "Advanced .NET Remoting" and "Advanced .NET Remoting in VB .NET" were published by Apress in 2002. While not writing he works as consultant, trainer, and software architect for companies in the telecommunication and software industries. During his professional career he's worked with a range of programming platforms, but right now he focuses mainly on the .NET platform and also does some work with the other VM. Ingo can be reached at Preferred Topics: * Remoting ;-) * Reflection + Custom Attributes (way cool ....) * Application Architecture (Layers, Tiers & Scalability) * Execution Engine Internals (JIT, GC, ...)

Languages: English, German

Michiel van Otegem

Michiel van Otegem is Lead Architect at The Vision Web, a Microsoft Gold Partner company in The Netherlands, where he is responsible for promoting the "integrated platform" (Sharepoint, BizTalk, Commerce Server, Microsoft Business Soltuions). He specializes in (ASP).NET development and XML technologies, about which he writes articles for several magazines. Michiel is also the author of Sams Teach Yourself XSLT in 21 Days. Ever since Michiel started in the software industry he has been active in the community on mailinglists and forums, as speaker and author, and founding the Dutch .NET User Group dotNED ( Michiel also co-founded and runs the premier Dutch ASP/ASP.NET website, For his community efforts Michiel received the Microsoft MVP Award in 2006 for the fourth year running.

Topics: ASP.NET, core .NET (C#) development (transactions, threading, etc), XML, integrated platform

Languages: English, Dutch

Christian Weyer

Christian Weyer is co-founder of thinktecture, a company aiding and supporting software architects and developers in designing and implementing distributed solutions architectures. He has been modelling and implementing distributed applications with Java, COM, DCOM, COM+, Web Services and other technologies and has been focusing on the ideas and concepts of service-orientation in the past few years. His views on architecture and distributed solutions are considered both mature and innovating. Christian is the mastermind behind contract-first modelling and implementation of distributed solutions. As a recognized expert for distributed systems and for knowing both Windows Communication Foundation as well as Windows Workflow Foundation in and out he was nominated as one of the Microsoft MVPs for Solution Architecture and he is an independent Microsoft Regional Director (nominated for Germany).

Languages: German, English

Hannes Preishuber

Hannes Preishuber studied communications technology in Austria and is ceo of ppedv AG. As author, speaker and coach obtain he his experience and his practice knowledge regularly in seminars and conferences to developer. As co-author of the Microsoft NET Developer Tools Readiness kit and an author of the book ASP.NET 2.0 Crash Kurs he is a proven expert of the application development for the Internet. He is also MVP for ASP.NET.

Languages: English, German

Dino Esposito

Dino Esposito is a trainer and consultant based in Rome, Italy. Prolific authors, Dino writes the Cutting Edge column for MSDN Magazine where he also serves as a contributing editor. Dino's articles appear on a variety of other magazines including aspnetPRO, CoDe Magazine, Visual Studio Magazine and WinDev Journal. Cofounder of VB-2-The-Max (, a Web site entirely devoted to Visual Basic and .NET programmers, Dino runs the ADO.NET class at Wintellect and travels across Europe teaching and consulting about Web and .NET core technologies. Meeting Dino at industry shows is easy as he regularly speaks at major shows such as Microsoft TechEd, DevDays, DevConnections and VSLive! In the past, Dino wrote several books for Wrox Press about Win32 and script programming. After the advent of .NET, Dino switched to Microsoft Press and since then authored two books: "Building Web Solutions with ASP.NET and ADO.NET" and "Applied XML Programming with Microsoft .NET" both in 2002. The next book scheduled is "Programming ASP.NET" always from Microsoft Press. Main areas of expertis include ASP.NET, ADO.NET and XML both core and internals/advanced topics. Secondary areas are FCL, remoting, Web Services. Topics: ASP.NET core and/or internals XML core and/or internals ADO.NET core and/or internals

Languages: English, Italian

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How long does it take to fill a speaker request?
Once you request a speaker, please allow us at least 4 weeks to find a suitable speaker for your event.  

As a user group leader, what am I requested to do in order to request a speaker?
First, your user group must be in good standing with INETA Europe. Second, we expect you to promote INETA Speaker Bureau events to your members and others who may be interested by advertising the INETA Europe event on your website, e-mail distribution and any other promotions that you usually do to attract attendees. Third, we can ask your user group to complete the provided Speaker Evaluations of the speaker and return them to us after the event. 

How many times in a year can I request speaker?
The INETA Europe Speakers Bureau is committed to providing speakers to all of our member usergroups in a fair and balanced manner. Because of resource limitations, we ask each user group to limit the number of requests to two speakers per year. More than two speakers may be provided to a single user group if specifically approved by the Speakers Bureau Committee.

I have other questions ...
If you have any question related to the INETA Europe Speaker Bureau don't hesitate to contact us. The easiest way is to send your question by e-mail to André Obelink, VP Speakers Bureau INETA Europe.

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