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The MUST attend conference of the year

Ask any .NET developer and I bet the vast majority will tell you that TechEd Europe is the MUST attend conference of the year. Together with the Microsoft team, INETA Europe have put in a massive effort to make sure that there are useful and exciting things for you as an INETA user group member attending TechEd Europe 2009.

There are meetings, parties, competitions, sessions, events and more you can take part in to build and renew your user group contacts. If you plan on attending TechEd, stop by the INETA booth. This is your chance to shake hands and rub elbows with members of your community.

My personal goal as president of INETA Europe is to make sure that this event will be the best one you ever attended. During TechEd, like always, we want to hear from you! What can we do to make INETA better? What can you do to help INETA? Got a question about running a user group? Want to start a new group? Want to get out and share your knowledge with others? Long story short, this is your chance to get your voice heard!

Join my fellow INETA Europe board members and me here for discussions, comments and suggestions! Refer to the newsletter sections below for details on TechEd Europe events and features such as the Community Lounge, the Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, and more.

If you have any questions about the goals of INETA, or if we can be a source of encouragement and information for you, do not hesitate to drop us an email at


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  2. Damir Tomicic
    President INETA Europe

INETA Europe activities at Tech·Ed 2009!

Microsoft Tech·Ed is the premier technical education and networking event for any technology professional interested in learning, connecting and exploring a broad set of current and soon-to-be released Microsoft® technologies, tools, platforms and services.

INETA Europe will provide opportunity for its members (currently 129.577 members) and User Group Leaders (currently 378 User Groups) as well to all Country Leaders, Liaisons, volunteers and Board Members to have annual meeting at TechEd Europe!

We are preparing a lot of activities/content this year, among which most important are:

  1. BOF – Birds of a Feather – opportunity to speak at TechEd!
  2. Special Board Members presentations – see below topics
  3. Special Country Leaders presentations – opportunity to see each European country experience in promoting community and delivering great content
  4. Give the INETA Europe a feedback! – Trough direct communication on booth/pod or through on-line Community Survey or schedule a meeting with Board Member!

All of the INETA Europe Board Members will be available at booth/pod during the conference; schedule will be available week before the conference. Also, Country Leaders and Liaisons that will attend TechEd Europe will be at the booth/pad – so come and meet them!

Do you speaking at TechEd?

Tell us so we can distribute session information to INETA Europe membership! Submit details to:

Birds of a Feather sessions at TechEd Europe

Over the past several years INETA, Culminis, and the entire community have stepped forward to make the BOF sessions a valuable and vital part of TechEd. BOF sessions now run concurrent with the conference breakout sessions. In the past, hundreds of people participated in the BOFs and great discussions took place!

Of course, it can’t happen without you proposing and leading the discussions that are important to you, so you need to submit your ideas and (after the BOF team review) it will be available for voting trough the tool that will be communicated to you by INETA Europe in following days!

Watch for the BOF info available just now at Tech·Ed Website here.

Special Board Members presentation

This list is subject to change, but there will be wide range of topics covered:

  1. New Membership: How I can find new User Group? How register my User Group with INETA Europe? Join here after the session!
  2. INETA Speakers Bureau: How I can ask for the speaker? How I can submit new speaker? How we can start local Speakers Bureau?
  3. Community Activities: How we can launch our event? What is “Event-in-the box”? Who are people that I can contact regarding organizing CodeCamps?
  4. UGSS – User Group Support Services – New benefits that are available will be explained, as well as live demonstration of web site! You can sign-up at the booth!
  5. Live Meeting – Great tool (available to all INETA User Group Leaders) for delivering sessions and connecting distributed user groups, as well as for recording sessions for latter review! Come here and learn how to use or sign-up if you do not have account!
  6. Submit your own proposal - and be one of the volunteers that will deliver it J

Special Country Leaders presentations

If you are Country Leader, or you have a great Community story to tell and you are coming to TechEd Europe, submit your proposal to
For those of you that are NOT attending TechEd Europe, we will make possible to record 5-10 minutes with Live Meeting tool and publish it on-line. Submit the proposals to the same e-mail and record the presentation before TechEd Europe begins!

Give the INETA Europe a feedback!

As all of the INETA Europe Board members and some of Country Leaders/Liaisons will be present during the TechEd Europe at the booth/pod, you can meet them, talk with them and give them feedback! Or just come to the booth and introduce yourself, or maybe express the desire to be an INETA Europe volunteer!

Also, we will prepare special INETA Europe on-line survey that is very important to us to see what do you think and feel about the future of the INETA organization!

In the mean time, follow us on Facebook and Tweeter to see updates to this program and submit your ideas, as well to tell us that you will be there!

We hope that we will see you in Berlin in November!

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  2. Tomislav Bronzin
    Vice president Community Activities INETA Europe

Tech·Ed Europe 2009 - Call for volunteers

Anyone who would like to apply to work at TechEd Europe 2009, sharing their technical expertise with attendees in the Technical Learning Center (TLC) Ask-the-Experts booths, can sign up at the Call-for-Staff Web site at

To be considered for a position in the TLC, please complete the form on the Web site. We expect that more volunteers will apply than are needed at the event, which means that a selection process will take place.

Ensure that in the comment field, you describe the value you would bring to the event and add any relevant experience and any product expertise you have that is not in the list. This will help with the selection process.

You will work a minimum of 16 hours at the event, plus attend a pre-event briefing. In return, you will get free access to the event, and can attend any session outside of your working hours.

Microsoft will not compensate you for any expenses. You are responsible for your own travel and hotel costs.

Submit your application before Friday September 18, 2009. You will be contacted about the selection before Friday September 25, 2009.

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  2. Ronald Beekelaar
    MVP and TechEd Europe TLC Manager

We are standards compliance!

As Tim Berners Lee says, “making the web accessible regardless of the user's abilities is also a major challenge and again the separation of form and content helps. The increasingly multimedia world of information targeted at human perception and the well-defined world of data are two extremes that the web has to be able to handle”

In this times even Microsoft have bet on Web accessibility with technologies as Expression Design and Expression Web, INETA Europe wants to redefine the way of getting their associates, their communities, the big world of .NET developers and one of the first steps this year is changing our Newsletter design and structure, with a more accessible bulletin, with semantic code, without layout tables and with all the power Web standards provide to final Web users: a common way of seeing all the info independently of the Web browser used:

  • Complete compatibility with Web standards: (XHTML and CSS).
  • Semantic use of tables. Only for presenting data, not presentational issues.
  • More possibilities to access our info. No matter which device you are using to read our Newsletter, Web standards work well with all, used in a correct way.
  • Less (X)HTML code. That means faster loading to all our info and better use of your bandwidth usage!
  • Better search engine ranking. Search engines give a better position to well-written content delivery through clean, well-structured and semantic markup.
  • Easier to maintain. We separate clearly presentational and behavioral issues from content, which allows us to change the design without pain.

This is only the beginning. We are now thinking in a new design and structure for our main site ( and more improvements in the way we relate with our main taskforce: you developer. Stay connected and follows up in the next INETA Europe newsletter.

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  2. Miguel Lopez
    Vice president Marketing INETA Europe

Mobility Day 2009

MobilityDay Logo

Mobility Day 2009 Conference supported by INETA Europe! INETA Europe is proud to support another annual Mobility Day 2009 Conference that will take place in Hotel Antunovic, Zagreb, Croatia on September, 10th 2009.

These year main themes of Mobility Day 2009 Conference are Windows Mobile 6.5 and Exchange 2010.

Sessions will be delivered by eminent speakers, among which there will be 10+ Most Valuable Professionals (MVP’s) from all over the Europe and experts from Microsoft Corporation, T-Mobile and Hewlett Packard!

Register NOW here because the number of participants is limited and special Early Bird offer with 30% discount is available until September, 1st 2009. Additional 10% discount is available to all INETA User Group members if they use voucher INT09.

Regular conference pricing is 120€, but with special Early Bird offer, valid through 1 September 2009, INETA Europe User Group Members will pay only 75€.

Conference fee includes following:

  • Participation at all sessions
  • Conference materials (bag, T-shirt, promotional materials from our sponsors)
  • Chance to win awards at the end of the conference
  • Access to all conference contents online after the conference has been closed

Sessions are organized in three tracks: Business track, Development track and ITPro track:

  • Business track is targeting IT managers, consultants and business decision makers. This track will cover values regarding implementation of mobile devices in everyday business with the overview of concrete examples from the business practice.
  • Development track is intended for software architects and developers with the prior knowledge and familiarity with Visual Studio environment. Sessions are going to be focused on the applicability of the existing knowledge regarding mobile solutions development. Of course, focus will be on Windows Mobile 6.5.
  • ITPro track is here for architects and system engineers who are interested in learning more about integration with server products such are Exchange Server 2010, SQL Server 2008 and Office Communications Server 2007 R2. Also, sessions will target topics related to maintenance and mass implementation of mobile devices in business environment.

Attendees are encouraged to go and explore our agenda with more details coming in as we are approaching the day of the conference.

Participants will get the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the newest and best-of-breed mobile technologies and solutions. Also, you will get online access to all conference materials once the conference is finished.

Improvements in new Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system and support for mobile solutions development within Visual Studio 2008 are the main topics covered throughout the conference.

Every participant will get conference materials, gifts, marketing materials and special offers from Conference sponsors. Organizers and sponsors have prepared valuable and attractive awards for participants.

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  2. Tomislav Bronzin
    Vice president Community Activities INETA Europe

Our communities in a nutshell

Hallo liebe Mitglieder der .NET Usergroup Frankfurt,

trotz unserer kleinen Sommerpause wollen wir es nicht versäumen Euch mit ein paar Neuigkeiten und Informationen zu versorgen.

Insbesondere für all diejenigen, die in diesem Jahr noch keine Gelegenheit hatten bei einem Meeting dabei zu sein, hier noch mal eine kleine Übersicht über die bisherigen Treffen in 2009:

  • 01/2009: Web & Silverlight (Philipp Bauknecht)
  • 02/2009: Von "CAB" zu "CAL" (Jörg Jooss)
  • 03/2009: Night of Coder and Tabledropper (Frank Maar, Constantin Klein)
  • 04/2009: 5. Geburtstag der Usergroup 05/2009: Clean Code (Stefan Lieser)
  • 06/2009: VSTO (Lars Keller)
  • 07/2009: Cool Tips Camp (Thomas Höhler, Wolfgang Knobloch, Kai Mohrhagen, Andreas Rehm, Stephan Schneider, Hartmut Schreiber und Jürgen Sommer)

Wir sind uns sicher, dass wir mit diesen Themen und den exzellenten Sprechern bereits ein tolles Programm für Euch auf die Beine gestellt haben. Wir freuen uns aber ganz besonders darüber, dass wir im Juli einen ganzen Abend mit Beiträgen von Sprechern aus der Usergroup gestalten konnten. Die gezeigte Bereitschaft einen Beitrag zu leisten und die große Teilnehmerzahl geben uns Mut auf diesem Weg weiterzumachen und auch in Zukunft wieder ein solches Format einzuplanen. Danke auch für das durchweg positive Feedback zu dieser Veranstaltung.

News regarding MVP Award Program

We are pleased to inform you that in the future INETA Europe Newsletter issues we will be announcing news and communications regarding the MVP Award Program provided by MVP Leads from Europe, starting with Alessandro Teglia, Regional MVP Lead for Central and Eastern Europe and Italy, based in Milano. You can follow him on,, and read his blog:¸

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are exceptional technical community leaders from around the world who are awarded for voluntarily sharing their high quality, real world expertise in offline and online technical communities. Microsoft MVPs are a highly select group of experts that represents the technical community's best and brightest, and they share a deep commitment to community and a willingness to help others. Find some inspiring examples on the Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog.

MVPs represent a broad spectrum of Microsoft product users. They occupy many different professions including accountants, teachers, artists, engineers and technologists. MVPs reside in over 90 countries, represent 30 different languages, and cover more than 90 Microsoft technologies.

MVPs tend to be early adopters of new technology and actively communicate their experiences to millions of other technology users. Through their extensive community activity, MVPs help others solve problems and discover new capabilities, helping people get the maximum value from their technology.
Each year, the technical community's best and brightest are awarded as Microsoft MVPs, and we are proud that one of the INETA Europe Country Leaders: Daniel Joskovski has become MVP in July.


  1. Tomislav Bronzin Photo
  2. Tomislav Bronzin
    Vice president Community Activities INETA Europe

Upcoming events...

Date & Event title Event description
The Budapest Functional Programming Group August Meetup
Hi,FP-BUD is the primary place for discussing functional programming in an easy-going, social setting. Come and join us for a beer this time.See you there, Adam. (see more)
How do you connect with new people? One more event we cannot miss!
Antonio Meza invites us to come on Tuesday evening to join the series on tools to enhance your physical, emotional, and mental intelligences (PQ + EQ + IQ). In August 23 we explore EQ -- how to connect with new people?Have you ever met someone new and felt that you're old friends, instantly?Or been stuck in a situation when no matter what you tried, things just didn't click? What is the difference? And what can you do to change this? (see more)
CAMDUG Geek Dinner
Come join us for a Geek dinner at Bella ItaliaIf you're not a member or only recently joined CAMDUG you're most welcome. Please RSVP so that I can make sure we have a table big enough for all of us. Wives, Girlfriends and partners and friends welcome, so this is a chance to meet the other halves. Feel free to invite friends along, tweet the event etc, the more the merrier.(if you want me to add anything to this description, email me. (see more)
Summer School @ Jachimiak Geoffrey. For those who could not RSVP for August 18!
The Summer School @ Jachimiak Geoffrey is absolutely free. We do ask, however that you register so we can make sure there are no more than 8 members attending live. If the spots are already filled when you register, don't be so sad. You'll be able to follow our presentation through Internet with the link we'll provide.Are You Stranded in "Kyoto Station"? Imagine yourself in Kyoto Station, one of the largest and most intimidating buildings in Japan. (see more)
FlashBrighton: Bugfixing Other People's Flash
Niqui Merret brushed the creepers aside and pushed further into the dense code. She was the point man for Bugfixers XXIV Flash Corps and had been leading the line since God knows when. She knew well that in the jungle of other people's ActionScript the canopy is so thick that the light only filters through in pale shafts. She took a step forward, the muddy nook sloshed against her thighs. Forgotten slicks of AS2 napalm drifted across the surface, burning fresh sores into old wounds. (see more)
UX Brighton Book Club
We haven’t chosen the book yet so you still have time to add your recommendations to the book club page of the UX Brighton wiki.Please jot down and bring along: things in the book that really struck a chord; and things they either hated, disagreed with; or don't understand. We will also be choosing the next book to read so bring your suggestions with you. (see more)
August Hull Digital MeetUp!
Hello! [B-)]It's that time again! Grab your diary, fire up Gcal or Outlook and addWednesday August 26th 6.30pm for the next Hull Digital MeetUp!A big thanks to Cllr. John Robinson who is kindly providing this month's venue and also laying on some food and drinks - much appreciated!We have a great evening lined up for you with 2 excellent speakers:Geoff Gifford from OS4B (Open Source for Business) talking about...Open Source for business. (see more)
The Birmingham Entrepreneur August Meetup
Meet fellow entrepreneurs at different stages of business. Try out a new business idea in a safe and constructive environment. Find out how to get investment in your business. Share hints and tips on starting a new business. (see more)
Twitter Developer Nest: London 4
Bringing Together the Twitter Developer CommunityFollow @devnest on TwitterThe forth UK event especially for the Twitter development community will take place on the evening of Wednesday 26th August at Sun Microsystem’s Customer Briefing Centre in London. The event is focused on bringing together people who are already developing applications on top of Twitter or who intend to start building a Twitter application in the near future. (see more)